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Online Academy delivers the information you want anywhere, anytime!


Well-trained staff waste less time, money and resources and produce higher quality work. The benefits of staff training extend to everyone in your hospital from the veterinary team straight to the patients and your clients!

The NEW AVImark Online Academy delivers easy to use training courses to sharpen the skills of your staff with high-definition training videos, interactive training simulators, review questions and testing built-in to ensure your staff is mastering each program you assign them!

This web-based training resource will not only provide your staff resources needed to master the AVImark program but also supplies a training solution for the entire practice from the front office to the exam room, the treatment area and even the kennel! We provide multi-level ready to use training courses covering each position in your practice, as well as modular based training to keep staff up to speed on the latest AVImark additions, critical resources like Safety Training, softer skills like Customer Service Training, and those all important topics like Communication Skills among others.

AVImark Online Academy is simple, flexible and measureable. Affordable monthly and annual billing plans are available with no contracts, no set up fees and no cancelation fees to give you the freedom to train how you want to. Empower your staff through training today while increasing productivity, efficiencies, and boosting revenue. You, your patients and your clients will all reap the benefits!

Included in Online Academy:

  • Access all 750 plus videos, along with the
      quizzes and tests
  • Ability to train every position in the practice
  • Management
  • Receptionist
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Kennel Assistant
  • Practice Tips
  • Practice Management Software training including
      New Release videos
  • 40+ hands-on assessment videos
  • Each Online Academy comes with 20 user
  • Each user has the ability to learn at his/her own
  • Training modules range from beginner to expert
  • Option to create user or position specific training
  • Built in accountability with testing & certification
  • Stay on top of staff training with reporting &
      progress tracking
  • AOA Screen Capture

    Ensure a successful practice with staff training and development!

    Monthly plan available for only $99/month, or yearly plan available for only $1,068/year ($89/month).

    Want to see a DEMO? Click here to see a sneak preview.

    Click Here to view the AVImark Online Academy Service Agreement

    Sign up for an account today by calling 855-838-7638 or click here!

    " I came prepared to be overwhelmed but now I'm ready to go back & implement all the new things I've learned. I'm realistic in that I'll still be confused at times but I'm now confident in the AVImark resources available to me and the clinic! "


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