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Digital X-ray and digital image processing for the progressive veterinarian

DragonflyPACS was designed in close collaboration with specialist doctors, it will provide you with an easy to operate instrument for daily diagnoses. In addition , DragonflyPACS is fully integrated into the AVImark software.

DragonflyPACS manages simple image processing requirements just as efficiently as complex radiological network (PACS). Any images (X-rays, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, etc.) as well as any type of document (diagnostic findings, patient histories, and faxes) are stored in a digital patient file by means of the DragonflyPACS and can be accessed immediately with a simple mouse click.

McAllister Software Systems brings DragonflyPACS in cooperation with O&R Technology which has more than 5,000 installed workstations on an international level. The system has proven itself over and over again. DragonflyPACS is one of the most modern and high quality image processing systems in veterinary medicine.

Benefits of digital X-ray with DragonflyPACS:

Fully integrates with AVImark providing a one-step solution connecting to your

image capturing DICOM modalities
Note: The image capturing modalities must be DICOM compliant in order for the
interface to work properly. It is the responsibility of the equipment
manufacturer to make sure their equipment is DICOM compliant and meets

DICOM3 standards
User friendly, clearly laid out structure and relatively little training required

Individual customization of the user surface to your subject area and
Flexible allocation of short cut keys for many functions enabling the user to work
fast without a mouse
Parallel processing (possibility of continuing work while, e.g., a CD is being
Permanent online availability of all images and data in the network - no necessity
to store old images on CD
"Perfect memory" - repeated opening of an image with all previous markings and
settings, including zoom and alignment
All images and documents are stored in the international DICOM standard

DragonflyPACS offers a range of such tools for the optimal representation of images and details.

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" Great, friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable. This will benefit our clinic so very much. It was well worth the cost. "

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