AVImark – The most flexible software on the market.


AVImark has many approved integrations that enable you to subscribe to additional products and services that work with your software, such as laboratory integrations and credit card processing.

  • Abaxis (HMT, VetScan, HMII, VS2, HM5, VSpro)
  • Animal Care Technologies (VSurv, AVImark Online Academy)
  • Antech Diagnostics
  • AVImark Payment Solutions (APS)
  • AVP
  • AXIS-Q™
  • Business Technology Insight (TalkingVet, Dragon)
  • CareCredit
  • Cubex Systems
  • Data Vault
  • Dragonfly*
  • Drew Scientific Group (CDC Hemavet)
  • Healthy Pet
  • Hemagen (Analyst, Analyst III, HC5)
  • Henry Schein Animal Health
  • Heska (DRI-CHEM 7000, DRI-CHEM 4000, HemaTrue, SpotChem EZ, CBC-Diff)
  • IDEXX (PACS, IVLS, VetConnect, Telemedicine, LabREXX)
  • Intelligent Inventory
  • LifeLearn (ClientEdOnline)
  • OpenEdge (XCharge)
  • Oxford Science (ForCyte)
  • PetDetect Printer
  • Rapport
  • Scriptel Signature Device
  • Sound-Eklin (TruDReSeries)
  • Topaz Signature Device
  • Vantiv
  • VetPressOnline
  • VetRx
  • Vetstreet
  • Vmed Technology
  • VPR


*Dragonfly allows any modality that has a worklist and follows a DICOM standard.